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This is the purpose of You Rule by Prayer:

  • To share discoveries that I have made during my prayer journey in a way that teaches and encourages.
  • To share practical approaches to prayer, prayer resources, and tools that encourage the development of a prayer life,
  • To discuss the many challenges concerning prayer and getting prayers answered.
  • Included with each blog post is a section with “Your Prayer for today.”
  • Here Here is  a link to my first blog post, titledGOD Will Help You .”

You can read a brief summary of  the articles I have written:

How to Prepare for Prayer Time– Discover how to kick-start your prayer life by incorporating these strategies into your prayer routine.
PLUS:  This section contains some special information on how to set up a spiritual journal in a spiral notebook.  In addition, it has information on how to create an index.  So, that you can actually locate journal entries later.

♦  Prayer FocusFind out how to stay focused during a season of prayer like Daniel did.  Daniel was taken into captivity as a young boy.  He knew that God had promised their release after 70 years.  Can you imagine him frustrated and wondering if the release would come in his lifetime.  He prayed and fasted for 21 days concerning the release of Israel from captivity.  God sent Gabriel to answer his prayer (Daniel 9: 1-27).  We think that it is wrong to pray the same prayer repeatedly.  However, Daniel shows that it is not wrong and if, we are persistent and focused we will get an answer.

Prayers of Praise- Praise is a vital and dynamic ingredient in your relationship with God.  When we praise God, for who He is and all He has done, our spirit is bathed in the power and presence of God.  He begins to move on our behalf working all things together for our good.

 ♦A Tool to Track Prayers from Your DesktopIf you are more at home in working with apps and computer programs, you will like this introduction to this prayer and bible software for your desktop.  As you use this “digital tool” it will give, you access to your prayers and a bible from your desktop.  Find out how you can download your free copy.

 ♦Prayers of Blessing- Learn about two simple prayers of blessing in the Bible.  The first shows the loving heart of God and how HE desires to bless His children.  The second prayer was a request to be blessed, which God granted

Weapons For Warfare- Learn some practical and immediately actionable things you can do to put on the whole armor of God.


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If, you have any suggestion on what type of post you would like to see concerning prayer, just send me a message. Until then, my prayer is that you and your family be blessed!